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We Value Speed And Precision
Ensuring that projects are delivered quickly and efficiently is our mission. We understand that most of our clients have urgent cross-departmental problems needing solutions now, and we deliver every time without fail. Everything from data management to custom apps integrated with third party softwares, can be streamlined to make your office smarter and more efficient than ever before.

Human Resources

Departure and Transitions
Manage the departure and transitioning process of your employees, smoothly and digitally. Track all departure requests, MBA leave requests, and transfers.
Planning Time Off
Make tracking and managing time off, overtime, and accrued time off a breeze with a cloud-based, simple, and user-friendly system.
Visa Application Documents
A smarter way to manage Visa request process documentation, such as sponsorship letters, application forms, and vaccination certificates.
Office Access Management
A web-based application to manage office access and other office services. Not only does it save you money on expensive door-entry solutions and ensure smooth access and exit, but also helps to ensure compliance with occupancy restrictions and facilities management.
Expense Reports Manager
Gain full visibility into your company’s precious financial resources and how they are being utilized by every employee. Ensure privacy and confidentiality while staying on top of your business’s expenses – anytime, anywhere, from any device.
Office Services
Office Services Inventory Tool
Get alerts and manage your inventory at a glance across offices and regions for stationary, PPE, and all other supplies.
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Translation Devices Manager
Make the process of booking and managing translation devices, like transmitters and receivers, quick, easy, and effortless – while wirelessly approving interpreter requests.
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Catering Tool
An easy way for employees to book their meals ahead of time and learn about the menu for the upcoming days/weeks. Improve management of food supplies and avoid waste or outages.
Appointment Management Software
Automate the traditionally cumbersome appointment making and managing process (mandatory and optional) at medical practices, fitness studios, and beyond.
Yearly Evaluation Manager
Embrace true digital transformation with an online platform that conducts interviews, crosses and compiles evaluation data, and returns evaluation results with ease.
Email Signature Generator
Ensure policy-compliant and consistent signatures across your entire company, while saving employees from ‘busy time with an office signature generator.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Assessment Tool
Access and control internal surveys, process improvement suggestions, as well as the progress of changes – and evaluate the tools needed at a glance.
Company Resources Portal
An easy-to-access portal to concentrate company resources in one place. Store critical training documentation, policies, and guidelines among other resources, while enjoying full support through booking training and guidance sessions.
Project Viewer
Catalogue with the firm’s projects with basic information and contact details of the associated teams. Simple way to reach out to anyone involved in a specific project and the best way to onboard any new team/project members.
Employees Directory
Global/local platform with business contact information of colleagues per department/role/region. Makes it easy to find anyone from anywhere to assist you with anything.
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