About EverApps
Rapid Customised Software Development

We know that no two projects are exactly the same. That’s why each solution is crafted to uniquely address your problems, giving your team the tools that they need to embrace efficiency and productivity every single day. We are a learning and growing team of people that are inspired to create products that simply make life and work easier.

Our highly qualified team has more than 15 years of experience in developing digital solutions to everyday business problems – quickly, reliably and creatively. If you need a process to reduce dependency on people being in the office, we can do that and more. Optimising workplaces to make everyone – and everything – more efficient is our forte.

Based in Portugal, our team is dedicated to initiating digital transformation in the workplace by consolidating data, giving our clients full control over their infrastructure. In the new digital age of work, our solutions help co-ordinate and structure communication between employees and employers no matter where they are.


Upesh Kakoo


We were challenged everyday by multiple companies to build new software. Since 2020, we saw a great opportunity to embrace the digital transformation and help companies to adapt to this new challenging times.

Our promise is to build software keeping in mind that the world is evolving everyday, our solutions need to be able to, adapt, improve, and make sure our customers gets the best software to help them to be more successful and efficient.

User-centred software is our mojo, and we work everyday to improve our users’ lifes.
We focus on providing a happy life to our employees so they can build the best software for you.

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